Once Upon

Once Upon

Monday, 2 September 2013


Not in in my backyard, mate.
No birds that is....
No birds in my backyard.
I little expect to view vast gathering flocks of flamingo, soaring sea eagles, swirling vultures or flittering humming-birds,

but the occasional sighting of a single feathered visitor would be nice.
Our house, in the middle of our street......has a pleasantly bijou walled backyard.
It has been well-stocked with potted greenery....plants, shrubs, heathers,  and assorted flower tubs. It even plays host to a giant wild budleia that roots outside the yard but prefers to reside within the shelter of our enclave. We have ivy trellises and hanging baskets of growing things abound. Insects of every variety love us.
We have receptacles holding fresh rainwater and bird feeders of every possible design....perches and protected nooks and crannies. A veritable oasis of an attractive birdy habitat for safe visitation.
You'd think.
In the four years of our residency, I am yet to see a single bird in our backyard. It appears to be an avian no go zone.
I am on close speaking terms with a pair of Jackdaws who live in the chimney-pots on my neighbour's roof,
and am on nodding terms with the occasional chittering house-sparrows who flit about neighbouring front garden privet hedges.
I would even consider myself an acquaintance of Mr and Mrs Blackbird who live at the end of the road (as previously blog-mentioned).
Yet not one bloody ornithological critter ever graces our backyard, not even for a moment.
Perhaps the presence of large areas of natural woodland, river-bank and hedge-rowed meadows a mere hundred yards away makes our little patch of pretend countryside a tad less attractive.

The wealth of local bird life that I regularly see whilst ambling around this local natural habitat nearby, have clearly all conspired to shun my welcoming few square yards of square yard, in favour of more expansive locales..and who can blame them....I myself  prefer it too.....

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