Once Upon

Once Upon

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dark Side of the Spoon.

Well now....I have just returned from a shortish wander through my local woodland. Nothing special. Nothing seen. No sightings furred or feathered....nor flora noted.
It is currently 7.40am and pretty much still dark.

During my wander it was pretty much pitch black...... apart from a weak glow of clouded moon and a horizon hugging smear of watery thin haze.

Stars were vaguely visible at times when the cloud-cover cleared, but their distant pin-pricks of light just seemed to make it darker somehow.

Interesting experience to be walking within a night-time wood. No torchlight, nothing... reliant solely upon whatever 'night-vision' ones eyes can muster in almost total darkness.
Movement along paths you thought you knew well in daylight becomes a very different thing at night.
Ones ears and imagination combine to present an extremely vivid, yet totally un-seen vision of scene and activity.

To stand alone and silent for a while in a completely darkened wood ...what can I say.....
Try it.....a very different experience of being with 'naytcha'.

Anyway, back home, and just like Goldilocks, a bowl of porridge...just right.

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Stewart M said...

Nice post - walks at the turning of the day are always good- evening if you don't see "anything"!

I'm working on a post (its a way off yet!) about walking around the same area at dawn, midday and dusk.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne