Once Upon

Once Upon

Friday, 31 May 2013

A Peace of Wood...

After dropping Sarah off to attend her meeting, a very important meeting, a meeting of some importance mind you....I decided to pay a visit to the nearby 'reserve' to fill in the time rather than sit in the bar and drink beer. I wavered on this decision I admit....but the call of the wild insisted.....and I was pleased it did....

I tend to keep my rucsac/wellies/outdoor gear and the like in the boot of the car, so after a quick roadside transformation into garb more suited to an evening woodland walk....and in the space of a few yards, I left the car in its urban surroundings and instantly stepped into another world. 

Still, calm and at rest, the trees and undergrowth were warm and faintly glowing in the moistened, misty air. The steady tuneful underscore of blackbird, pigeon and rook gave further testament to the evening's arboreal peace. I quietly and slowly walked along the lushly greened rides in the softly fading light and absorbed the whole ethos of these natural surroundings. The atmosphere absorbed me. The distant, faint traffic noise disappeared and all was silent but for the living, breathing sounds of the slumbering wood. I saw nothing. No bird, no animal.....no furred or feathered life.....nothing......but was fully aware of it all around me....I stood awhile leant up against a sentinel beech, and simply just remained still........in all senses......peace...naturally. The restful dappled shadows merged around me and I was......there.
........Anyway.....45minutes later....back to the car, quick change, into the bar, beer and home.

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