Once Upon

Once Upon

Monday, 20 May 2013

In the beginning.....

I venture into this world of the blog with no real self-promotional purpose really....  it may prove to be of passing interest to others, but there again, it may not.
 I have had, for some time now, a periodical habit of writing haphazard 'diary' entries into a moleskine notebook when the mood takes me, so I thought I may as well go digital and cruelly subject innocent bystanders to my scribblings also......and let that be a lesson to them....!

My long-standing notebook habit was undertaken more through a weird liking of the idea of making 'field-notes' ...or making 'journal' entries...y'know, like some sort of latter day gentleman explorer or diarist ....than anything else. In fact, this long-held fanciful notion even prompted me to purchase, at some expense, a rather sexy brown leather cover for my notebook....and I often look for excuses to open and use it .....simply to progressively increase it's 'weathered' appearance....that's how sad I am....All I need now is an excuse to don a battered old fedora, holster a service revolver, jauntily hang a bull-whip from my belt, sling a worn leather satchel over my scuffed leather-jacketed shoulder and make off on an adventure into the wild yonder...
In the meanwhile....
Most of my bloggy things are likely to contain accounts of my regular perambulatory (?) wanderings, either locally or further afield, with interest in the flaura and fauna encountered and descriptions of the meander itself. Obtuse random thoughts, rants and musings will, undoubtedly, whether invited or not, also make an appearance.....Day to day trivia, pointless cogitations, photographs, drawings and plagiarised notions et al, will be unashamedly broadcast too.....You have been warned......good luck, dear reader.

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