Once Upon

Once Upon

Monday, 22 July 2013

B&B for free....

.......about 95 strides from my front door is a small plot of a few square yards ( yes, I still think in old money)... of a grassed, shrubbed and tree-ed corner area placed at the junction of a brace of fairly busy access roads.
Spaghetti Junction it ain't....but it is still a fairly lively spot considering  the steady trickle of traffic and passing pedestrian itinerants.
On it, I have noticed with interest, despite the busy and constant human and motorized intrusion, a wedded pair of Blackbirds have permanently claimed this little patch of England as their own.

Mr and Mrs B clearly regard this suburban traffic island territory as des res, and live their lives, raise their chicks and observe the surrounding human activity with beady-eyed un-concern.
It pleases me to see them as I regularly walk passed on my way to  the shops, 'bags for life' tucked under my arm...... Mr & Mrs B themselves both 'shopping' for worms and grubs...... for free.....
We nod a greeting, and I walk on.
Returning a while later, laden with foodstuffs, I am acknowledged again by these feathered local residents, but dismissed as merely as another part of the strange but clearly un-threatening alien world beyond their ken.....and outside the borders of their little, chosen realm.
I wonder if the parish elders realize they have residents living rent free on desirable municipal property......

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