Once Upon

Once Upon

Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Eagle has blanded....

Sometimes I think my eyeballs see things from some generic Romantic period time warp continuum thingy....converting visual reality into an imagined preferred alternative.....doesn't make me a bad person, does it?....a bit weird maybe......
Still.....compare and discuss..
Which version of similar landscape view would you prefer to have floating in yer head whilst strolling along ....do you see yourself dressed in tweed and wool..... or in fibre-pile and goretex ?.....hmmmm?

Yet another old favorite walk of mine takes my boots into the hallowed ground of Borrowdale and sets my path up into the folds of Eagle  and Sergeant......Langstrath, we salute you.
The start of this jaunt is one of the most pleasant 'walk-ins' imaginable (or real !) 
Sauntering along a deeply greened and wooded valley alongside a clear tumbling river of pool and fall...all rocky and crystal clear.

The revelry is dispatched as the route up the steep flanks of the Eagle are met with lung bursting, thigh burning challenge. To pick a rather airy wiggle through terraces of heather and rock to reach the summit....not particularly high, but offering the lowly traveller a complete immersion into Lakeland fell-top scenery.
A tempting ridge draws the walker over to neighbouring Sergeant and a long, gradual , if steep descent into the solitude that is Langstrath...
....of course, the promise of  beer at the eventual full-stop of the return walk is a definite plus....

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